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Open Home Toolkit

The “social” in social work indicates that the communities have an integral role in supporting people in crisis. From sharing of meals, to the lending of kitchen equipment, and to offering temporary living arrangements. Such acts of neighbourliness can adequately fill the short-term gaps in the current infrastructure of the social sectors. We believe that when many families in the community band together, in partnership with the agencies, they are able to provide more holistic care to those in need.


These families play an important role as they are an agile resource and can provide timely support to the person-in-crisis (PIC). They can lend support from befriending, to spending time having meals together, and even providing a safe space for them to seek shelter.


Many families have worries that need to be allayed before they are open to supporting PICs. That is why we have drafted and designed this guide, mobile-friendly (copy & paste style).

These resources are free for you to share, and facilitate conversations with your volunteer hosts. Download the image and copy the write up as you share with your community of open home volunteers. The topics will be outlined as follows:

  1. Understanding the Vulnerable: Through 2019 Homeless Study

  2. Sharing Your Home

  3. Managing Personal Expectations

  4. Preparing to Host

  5. Preparing Logistics

  6. Building Relationships: Befriending 101

  7. Rallying Your Kampong

  8. Your Hosting Journey

  9. Working Through Issues

  10. Conflict Management

  11. Application Forms

Click the topics in order, there is a home button at the end of every page that will link you back to this home menu. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or support in facilitating this.

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