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Step 5 - Preparing Logistics

This is one of the more common concerns that many hosts have, because it is a practical one! Preparing logistics is more than just having enough in the home for everyone. It is also about considering the rules of engagement within the household. 


As you prepare the necessary logistics in the house, there are some basics on the top half of the infographic that you can consider providing. These basic items help facilitate a comfortable assimilation of your prospective guest. As your guest has his/her own belongings, it is healthy to set aside spaces for their own items. You may provide items that they may not have.


Beyond just preparing logistics, consider having some basic house rules and systems. As every family operates differently, it is wise to have alignment on unwritten rules such as laundry days, use of kitchen and consumption of perishables. The second half of the infographic provides pointers on how, as a host, you can set boundaries so as to maintain a sense of normalcy even in your family. You can also gradually invite your guest to your own culture and practices.


Processing Questions:

These questions help us to think through the provisions we need to ready before our guest arrives. It also allows us to consider household practices that include a guest. Consider the habits of your family as you set these boundaries.


What are some habits that are integral in my family?

Are there practices that I will be very uncomfortable with?

How can I set rules that are easy to remember?

How can I communicate these rules in a sensitive but clear manner? 

Note: It is prudent that you inform your guest not to share your address at the beginning.

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