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Step 4 - Preparing to Host

Getting members in your home on board as you host a person-in-crisis is another underrated yet crucial step. A household is filled with many stakeholders, all with their own preferences and practices. With every decision that is being made in supporting a person-in-crisis, it affects every stakeholder in your community. Gathering consensus allows you to hear where everyone is at, their expectations and fears. This also prepares everyone to participate with the expected level of commitment and care.


As you share about your intent to extend hospitality to the person-in-crisis, focus on listening to various members of the household. From your spouse, to parents, children and even your domestic helper (if you have one). Listen to their concerns, limitations, and other perspectives that they might have.


Spend the time to appreciate their fears, and encourage them to stay open. Agree on how you can move forward together. One practical way to do that is by setting small progressive expectations of hosting. These expectations also remind us to check in on our family periodically.


Processing Questions:

These questions help us to identify our family members’ perspective on extending hospitality to a person-in-crisis. When you consider these questions, remember that it takes the support & participation of everyone.


  1. Why is it important for every family member to commit alongside you?

  2. How can I encourage their involvement?

  3. What are some of their fears and concerns?

  4. What information you would need to make a more informed decision?

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