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Step 2 - Sharing Your Home

What does home mean to you?

Home is the foundation of our being. Without the safety, stability, and support of home, we cannot begin to live well.

There are some of us who don’t have home. Some of us are sleeping outside, moving from place to place, or living in fear. Imagine what it feels like to, to have no safe place to go back to. 

As a community, we have something unique to offer. We can share our homes with persons in crisis. We can provide a safe space and support for a temporary period, of up to 6 months. What would that mean to someone in crisis?

Our homes and families can play an important role in supporting those in crisis. When we are in crisis, what enables us to bounce back are physical security and stability, and being supported by people we can trust.


What if our communities are kampongs where everyone takes care of one another, especially those in crisis? What would it look like if our homes were not just individual units, but open doors in a community that cares? How would that change us? How can we create that kampong together? 


Processing Questions: 
1.    What does home mean to you? 
2.    What would home mean to someone in crisis?
3.    How can we, as a community, support someone in crisis? 


Sharing our homes is a tangible way to support persons in crisis – in a way that no other shelter can. But it can also be new and daunting for many of us. Sharing your home is a process, a learning journey that we can all embark on together. If you're interested, take the next step to discover what hosting means and how you can be a part of the journey. 

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