The Can Opener I Never Asked For

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

It was July 2017, my newly wedded wife and I just moved into our new home. Building a home was such a surreal experience. From finally learning how to keep a household in order, building our routines, to deciding on small things like our silverware and the design of our tissue boxes. These were decisions that neither one of us encountered growing up. Of course, we decided to take our discussions about them with one another seriously.

Well, this leaves us with the item in question: the can opener I never asked for. Almost every household has one, seemed like a no brainer that we get one. We checked the markets and shopping centre, a decent one would cost around $8, a high-end one was $25. By now, we were really fatigued from making all those previous decisions. I was not convinced we needed one. After all, every product today is made to "pop open" right? We thought we'd put off buying the can opener for the time being.

From Chinese cooks, to western and random fusion style char siew

As a family, we wanted to try to cook regularly. We love trying new dishes, varying cuisines from home-cooked Chinese meals, to fusion char siew or pasta. We quickly realised that for some common ingredients we used, we needed a can opener. In order to quickly solve the problem, I swung by my neighbours, knocked on their door and sheepishly asked if I could borrow their can opener. Despite the awkward and potentially suspicious conversation, my neighbour went into her kitchen and came out with a blue, well-used looking can opener. I would quickly head home, finish making dinner with extras, and carried a piping hot meal with their can opener to return them. We did this around 4-6 times a month.