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Socially-conscious Christmas Gifts

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Make this Christmas one that gives back.

Tired of thinking about what to get for your loved ones this Christmas? We compiled a list of quality gifts that people will appreciate, and with a story to tell. As we enter into this season of giving, let’s also remember the vulnerable communities in our midst, by purchasing local products with a purpose.


1. Beneath the Rug (Solve n+1)

Image source: Solve n+1

“Beneath the Rug is a thought-provoking book that provides first-person insights of the tensions and dilemmas that social service practitioners and beneficiaries face across the social impact sector. As you journey through the 30 stories, you will hear personally from social workers, policymakers, mental health professionals, change-makers, a person with cerebral palsy, and many more.”

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2. First Class Card Game (Superhero Me)

Image source: Superhero Me

“An enthusiastic group of 12-year-olds look deeper into their home, Lengkok Bahru, through design thinking and game design, led by a fun group of facilitators who’ve grown up with them over the years. This box set of four games which pack fun, personality and aspiration, is the result of their year-long effort to share a perspective inspired by the people and places they grew up with.

The First Class boxset includes House of Cats, a fast-paced memory-matching game to find missing cats; Swank Tank, a cooperative game to assemble fish tanks without scum; Market Blitz, a competitive card game to build a dream business empire and Unleashed, a party game of persuasion and sabotage with neighbourhood dogs.”

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Daily Essentials

3. Organic Bed Sheets/Towels/Apparel (Sojao)

Image source: Sojao

“Apart from being 100% GOTS-certified, having no chemicals in its production processes and also being ethically fair to the makers and the environment. In our quest to create the ultimate affordable luxury bed sheets, we learnt that it all starts with the quality of the cotton, and that a higher thread count doesn’t mean higher quality. Our result? Environmentally friendly bed sheets that are buttery smooth, lightweight and durable.”

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4. Scented Candles (Social Lights Co)

Image source: Social Lights Co

“Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, Social Lights Co seeks to build both social and emotional capital in today’s society. Each purchase of our products comes with materials to help start a conversation you probably never had and to help you build deeper relationships with your fellow sojourner.”

Purchase items here:

5. Art pieces & Face masks (Sound of Art)

Image source: Sound of Art

“Sound of Art has been using art as a platform to do good, by adapting exquisite artworks into face masks to raise funds for charities.

The deep royal blue ‘Freedom’ mask features an original painting of the Paravanda Nelson Mandela Orchid, a symbol of unity and freedom for all. 70% of all proceeds will be donated to Hagar International’s relief efforts in Afghanistan.

The cheerful series of ‘Remembrance’ masks are adapted from a collection of five artworks co-painted by Glacy Soh and HCA Hospice Care patients. Proceeds go to HCA Hospice Care, Singapore’s largest home hospice care provider that provides its services for free to patients.

These masks are manufactured by ForeverFamily with A*STAR technology, ensuring over 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE). Purchase these beautiful masks while keeping your loved ones safe.”

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6. Groceries & Household items (Kindness mart)

Image source: Kindness Mart Pte Ltd

“Through the sale of groceries and basic necessities at e-commerce platform, Kindness Mart, we will be able to support the various disadvantaged groups in our community, such as the physically or mentally challenged individuals or elderly and low income families."

Purchase items here:

7. Gift Cards (The Art Faculty)

Image source: The Art Faculty

“This festive season, send warm wishes with a personal touch to your loved ones through greeting cards skilfully designed by artists on the autism spectrum! With every purchase, our artists earn royalties and learn the value of work and financial independence.

Join The Art Faculty in supporting inclusion and celebrating abilities of the differently-abled today!”

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8. Coffee & Coffee essentials (Ark Coffee)