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Navigating the Unknown: The Martian

The social sector may sometimes seem like a different reality or a foreign space for many. As such, the Solve n+1 team decided to examine the film: The Martian, to analyze their method of decision-making as a short CNY activity. Here are some of our thoughts in relation to our work:

Working with different players and stakeholders within a community may be tricky. Even if we have similar goals, our approach could differ, resulting in conflict and disunity. However, “The ability to respect authority, while being comfortable with disagreements about work is important.” (Lewin, 2020). Its importance lies in the fact that “Navigating the unknown is never a one-man job. It requires a team of individuals who are excellent at their craft, while having rooted trust in one another to do whatever they can in their capacity.” (Josephine, 2020). As we rely on one another in partnership, communication and honesty is necessary. However, in confronting the truth, we learn to address tensions in a way that would honour all parties. The focus is not solely about what we do, but how we do it.

Just meeting a need is insufficient in this industry. “In our sector, where organisations often play their cards safe by always choosing the least-risky option; it's in our interest to aggressively pursue options that most people would not consider, and think about how they would fit into the solutions we design.” (Tian Wei, 2020). People look at what we do and sometimes struggle to find the right words to say. They call us “idealistic”, giving our youth to an industry where we find many in dismay. Nonetheless, “It is easy to look at a dire situation and give up, but sometimes all it takes is a person (or a small team) with resilience, a sense of humor and a “never say die” spirit to move the world.” (Andreia, 2020)

While it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes the presence of the child to move the entire village. We hope our presence will continue to make a positive impact for the vulnerable.

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