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Helping people do good, better.

Solve n+1

We are the leaders of ground-up social innovation in Singapore, tackling social issues through micro-initiatives. 


Our goal is to redefine the current state of our city and beyond, by empowering and supporting vulnerable communities.


We achieve this by helping corporates and individuals realise their social responsibility, to do good not out of obligation but as a lifestyle and necessity. 

Our Services

Project Management

  • Goal-Setting ​

  • Deployment of Manpower​

  • Change Management​

  • Stakeholder Management​


  • Generate a Sustainability Report for Client ​

  • Generate a Social Impact report 


  • Generate ideas and solutions for you​

  • Conduct viability assessments for your ideas​


Collaborating with Individuals to further ideate and develop a strategy for their micro-initiative. 

Our Engagements


Helping corporates and organisations strategise and develop a meaningful CSR plan.

Solve Specials

Adopting projects that are incomplete and seeing them to fruition.

Ongoing Projects

Open Home Network

The Open Home Network encourages and enables Singaporeans to open up their homes as a place of respite for people-in-crisis (PICs). We designed a system to match PICs with our list of host families, together with their social worker. It is a micro initiative with a big goal of spurring Singaporeans on to normalise and practice hospitality by befriending a stranger and letting them in.

To find out more, click here. 

Open Up, Can?

Inspired by our journal article, "The Can Opener I Never Asked For", this interactive box is a product of a collaboration with our partners, which aims to create opportunities for meaningful connections and conversations.

Feed 52

Feed 52 is a project to empower people with autism (PWAs) by equipping them with culinary skills, allowing them to provide for the community. The food cooked will be given to the underprivileged, allowing PWAs to learn valuable skills, interact and grow together with society. 

To find out more, click here

Working Title: BTR

BTR is a compilation of short stories of tensions and dilemmas faced by practitioners in the impact and social sector. These stories will be supplemented with guiding questions to allow readers to facilitate discussions with their peers.

To find out more, click here.

Have an idea to do good?

1. If you have a dream to do good

2. If you are a corporate company with a strong CSR

3. If you are an aspiring social innovator

Reimagine. Research. Rebuild.

Connect with us

Interested to partner with us in our work or keen to commission our projects? If you would like to find out how you can collaborate with us to create social impact, ping us!



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