Redeeming Time

What does it take to disrupt cyclical poverty among the urban poor? This project redeeming time aims to explore this question in partnership with House of Hope, a charity serving some 1,500 families in Penang, Malaysia.


The House of Hope provides food aid, relational and community support, distributes financial protection, and runs educational programs. The charity works to see children, mothers, fathers, and the elderly live with dignity, love and hope for their future.

In its 13 years of work, the House of Hope has observed that although many families desire to improve their circumstances, they are caught up with their daily struggles and fail to take serious action towards long term change.

In this project, “Redeeming Time”, we will work with the House of Hope to focus on 4 families over a period of 5 months to help them identify the issues that persistently cause them stress, and support them to work out and pilot solutions to address these issues.

Our hope is that:

(a) These 4 families will be equipped to manage their stressors and increase their bandwidth to manage life’s challenges, which will, in turn, improve their decision-making ability in the long run.

(b) The experience from this pilot will provide insight and learnings to sharpen and strengthen the work done by the House of Hope in supporting families affected by urban poverty, and other organisations like it.

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