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Meet the Team

Kenneth Heng
Director & Founder

A leadership development consultant since 2013, he now runs Solve n+1 as a social agency that facilitates projects for social good; collaborating with NGOs, Businesses & Local Leaders, taking on seemingly impossible problems with an innovative sandbox, transparency and lots of love.

“Problems and People before Process and Purpose”

Josephine Goh 
Finance & HR Executive

As a Nanyang Scholar with a Bachelor’s of Accountancy (Hons) from Nanyang Technological University, Josephine is exploring how to maximise financial governance in the space of doing social good. After her corporate career in the risk and compliance industry, Josephine hopes to refine and utilise the skill sets within the community. 

“Big changes always start small, and from the individual.”
Lewin Low
Project Consultant

Lewin graduated from the National University of Singapore with a BBA (Hons), specialising in Leadership and Human Capital Management. A recipient of the College of Alice & Peter Tan Master’s Honour Roll, he is recognised for both his role in shaping an environment for community engagement as well as project implementation. He is no stranger to the field of impact businesses, having co-founded Living on Less, an empathy-driven project that raises awareness of social issues through experiential learning.


“Challenging norms, forging paths”

Andreia Ko
Marketing & Communications Executive

Andreia is an Environmental Studies graduate from Yale-National University of Singapore (Yale-NUS) College, who is passionate about the intersection between humans and the natural environment. To her, caring about the environment is less about tree-hugging, but more about effecting change within systems and policies that interconnect with individual action.  


“We are the system.”

Tian Wei Cheng

Tian Wei is a political science major at the National University of Singapore. Having previously authored a book on environmentalism, he volunteers actively and does research into social initiatives and the social service sector.


"There is good in the smallest of things"

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