2020 served us

a can of worms...


Open Homes

Open Hearts

Open Home Network (OHN) is a community project by Solve n+1 to educate, equip, and create a network of community support to effectively help people in crisis. Read more about it here.


To sign up as a host family or volunteer with us, click on this link to be a part of our network. 
Beneath The Rug is a book project, documenting  
anecdotes from social workers to address the tensions and dilemmas within the social impact sector. 


To sign up as a volunteer or contributor, click on this link to journey with us on this 2021 project. 
Open up, Can? is inspired by our journal article, The Can Opener I Never Asked For, which aims to create opportunities for meaningful connections and conversations! 

The tensions and dilemmas in the social and impact sector are often complex and multi-faceted. It’s time to open our hearts and have an honest conversation with people in the sector. There’s often no clear right and wrong answers, but the more we discuss, the more equipped we are with different perspective to craft a response.   


In 2021, we’re gearing up to do just this. Sign up here and follow us on our journey to see how you can participate (include link)

Let's make 2021 different!

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