Open up, Can?

Question: How do we help people process the year, 2020?

2020 was a challenging year for many. The Australian bushfires that seemed to have no end, followed by the catastrophic news of the covid-19 virus that caused a global pandemic. Many lost their lives, many lost their jobs and many were stuck with no place to go.  


Our Hypothesis

By allowing people to process and articulate their thoughts with one another, it would act as a form of release, while creating a social support system around them.  


Our Methodology

In collaboration with our creative partners from Yellow Octopus, Antalis and KPP, the “Open up, Can?” project and product was brought to life. Inspired by our journal article, "The Can Opener I Never Asked For", this interactive box was designed to allow participants to intentionally unpack and process what 2020 was like for them through these 6 questions:

1. What was the most painful thing for you in 2020?


2. Describe a dream that has come true.


3. In the coming year, what do you hope or fear might happen?


4. Do you feel like you lost something this year?


5. What did you find unexpectedly in 2020?


6. Name something that recently brought you joy.

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