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Where problems come undone.

Problem? Solve.

We are a Community-Based Management Consultancy (CBMC).

At Solve n+1, we empower Corporates and SMEs to improve their Management Strategy through Value creation and Impact innovation.


We are the leaders of ground-up social innovation in Singapore, tackling social issues through micro-initiatives. 


Our goal is to redefine the current state of our city and beyond, by empowering and supporting vulnerable communities.


We achieve this by helping corporates and individuals realise their social responsibility, to do good not out of obligation but as a lifestyle and necessity. 


Better your Business

Enhance your business strategy to meet your Economic, Social, Sustainable and Governmental goals.​


Live the Good Life


​Co-create with us on how you can set personal goals for yourself to live a truly good life.​


Start a Project


​Bring to life your idea on solving social issues with our Concept made Concrete accelerator program.

How can my company do good, better?

Does your management meet the following criteria?

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Good Governance

Does your company employ measures to ensure the proper welfare and well-being of your employees? Learn how to create a good culture of care that is imperative in the corporate environment.

Giving Back

Is your business intentionally give back to the community?

Explore business models that benefit both the private and public sector.

Sustainable Systems

Is sustainability only about infiltrating the SDGs and ESGs into your business report or

planting trees to reduce your carbon footprint? Learn how climate and social action

can prolong and promote your business while creating positive impact for the environment.

Value Creation

Are your employees engaged in Innovation? Upgrade your innovative-thinking skills

to create resilient solutions for your company a rapidly changing world.

Our Services

Management Strategy


Build a strong and resilient strategy for your company to thrive while helping others survive.

We will help your company to:

  • Value create

  • Strategise and develop a meaningful CSR plan.

  • Generate an Impact Report


Innovation Consulting

Schedule a consult to find out and navigate the areas in which you can best give and innovate.

We will help you to:

  • Find your giving style

  • Generate ideas and solutions for you​


Project Management 

& Execution

Tell us your idea and areas of interest and we will work with you to make them come true.


We will help you with:

  • Viability assessments for your ideas​

  • Goal-Setting ​

  • Deployment of Manpower​

  • Change Management​

  • Stakeholder Management​


We have a unique disposition with a ground-up, ground-breaking vision.

Beyond providing solutions to your problem,

our company goes an extra step further in

project deployment for our Clients .

We have a compelling history and narrative that is easily recognizable.

Getting Involved goes beyond consulting our services. You buy into our purpose and vision that is incomparable.

We have a specialised team of Consultants, a network of Innovators and an esteemed board of Philanthropic Advisors.

With experience from different industries, our team is diverse in skillsets and thinking, but our shared goals and values are what unites us, complementing each other to create stronger impact. 

Because a life lived for yourself is not GOOD enough.

Ongoing Projects

Open Home Network

The Open Home Network encourages and enables Singaporeans to open up their homes as a place of respite for people-in-crisis (PICs). We designed a system to match PICs with our list of host families, together with their social worker. It is a micro initiative with a big goal of spurring Singaporeans on to normalise and practice hospitality by befriending a stranger and letting them in.

To find out more, click here. 

Open Up, Can?

Inspired by our journal article, "The Can Opener I Never Asked For", this interactive box is a product of a collaboration with our partners, which aims to create opportunities for meaningful connections and conversations.


Feed 52

Feed 52 is a project to empower people with autism (PWAs) by equipping them with culinary skills, allowing them to provide for the community. The food cooked will be given to the underprivileged, allowing PWAs to learn valuable skills, interact and grow together with society. 

To find out more, click here

Beneath The Rug

BTR is a compilation of short stories of tensions and dilemmas faced by practitioners in the impact and social sector. These stories will be supplemented with guiding questions to allow readers to facilitate discussions with their peers.

To find out more, click here.


To find out more about what we do and have accomplished, click the icon on the left to read our 2020 Annual Report.



 "The team at Solve n+1 are unlike any other consultants. Their approach in doing good is unique, but what we will always remember is the sense of camaraderie and relationship forged."

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