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The 7 Giver Profiles 

Everyone can give back, but not everyone can give effectively. 

Like a personality test, our Giver Quiz is designed to help Businesses, Organisations and Individuals discover their giving style to help them contribute in a way that caters to their strengths and abilities. 

The Rainmaker (Financial Giver)

Without your investment and constant seeding, the field would be barren and empty.


You may find yourself busy at work, making money, but that doesn’t stop you from giving. 

Your contribution to the social sector would make a positive impact in the lives of many.


The Labourer (Labour/Volunteer)

It is the time and energy you spend on the ground that makes both you and the flowers bloom. 


Time is of the essence, but you choose to give yours to those in need. 

Your physical hard work of tending to the ground may be exhausting, but the fruits of your labour will be rewarding. 


The Designer (Ideas)

The visionary and the architect of dreams, you look at an empty plot of land and see opportunity.


You have the ability to see beyond reality, a gift that keeps giving. 

When faced with a problem, you give by offering your ideas to solve these issues. 

Your dreams, put to practice, can have the potential to create a life unimaginable for people in need.


The Sower (Resource)

“Sharing is caring”, because that’s what giving is to you.


You have a pool of resources ready to be deposited and utilised for those in need.

Your presence is necessary in providing the tools needed for work to be done.

Sometimes, all it takes is for a resourceful person like you to take the first step, before something can birth and grow.  


The Networker (Connecting People)

You hold the space for connections and communication to occur.


You invest your time and energy into maintaining friendships, an asset that you can count on in times of need. 

Your network of connections allows you to point people in the right direction, bringing out the best in them through constant encouragement.


The Expert

With skills to offer, you are an untapped resource that could benefit and help many.


Your skills serve a clear function and a practical purpose in the ecosystem. 

Your service and contribution in the various talents you hone, could make a significant impact if used well. 


The Listener

Giving is receiving, but the act of receiving is also a gift that gives. 


Your presence itself is an important addition that can shift the atmosphere. 

Your intentionality in being there to empathize with people is a valuable skill that can change the lives of many.

Your active listening and patience is subtle yet highly empowering.

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