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If you are an aspiring Social Innovator…

Join us on our 6 month traineeship program!

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If you are a Corporate/Company with a strong CSR...

1. Co-create with us:

  1. Tell us your CSR dreams

  2. We will design your Philanthropic strategy, Project-manage; and

  3. Create an impact report for you




2. Collaborate with us on our ongoing projects:

  • OHN

  • Feed52

  • Beneath The Rug


3. Invite a speaker to share on social issues in Singapore


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If you are an Individual with a dream to do good..

All you have to do is: 

  1. Tell us your idea

  2. Invest in us

  3. We will pilot it! 

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Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can support us: 


Your financial contribution towards projects that you love go a long way. Choose a one-time or a monthly contribution toward one or more projects.


We're always looking for volunteers to help us get projects off the ground. Volunteer meaningfully with us by offering you unique skills


Have a passion for vulnerable communities? Consider starting a project with Solve n+1 to build a project that will have meaningful impact.

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