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At Solve n+1, each of our projects is crafted with the aim of shifting the needle in problem-solving for underprivileged communities. In analyzing the issues and developing solutions, it is vital to take a multi-layered perspective. Failing to consider these perspectives may lead to solutions that improve one aspect of a community but are detrimental to other aspects. On the other hand, successfully considering multiple perspectives leads to a robust solution that strengthens communities in a holistic manner. 

We have identified six pillars in a community that need to be strengthened for the community to thrive. Fractures in one or more of these pillars need to be identified and all six pillars need to be considered in the creation of a micro-initiative. 

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Each of our projects have intentionally considered the various pillars and are positioned to strengthen them in the communities we serve. Head over to our projects page to find out more!

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Interested to partner with us in our work or keen to commission our projects? If you would like to find out how you can collaborate with us to create social impact, ping us!

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