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Our Methodology

Solving a problem is not just about finding answers.
It is about finding the right answers.
Reliable and resilient solutions emerge from a robust problem-solving approach

One that is sufficiently broad. 

One that is intentionally in-depth. 

One that unpacks the root issues and the complexities that lie beneath.


At Solve n+1, each project is crafted with the aim of shifting the needle in problem-solving for our clients.

We take a multi-layered perspective in the process of analyzing issues and curating bespoke solutions.

The framework we adopt to tackle any issue is:

  1. Data-driven: To ensure that our insights are inspired by experience and grounded by research.

  2. Context-sensitive: As we consider the six pillars that are necessary for any project to thrive.

  3. Focused on reliability: Because we care.

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