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Consult with Us.

Do good, even in the midst of a pandemic.


Problem? Solve. 

COVID-19 is changing the way we operate, interact and work with one another. There is a growing amount of pressure for society and businesses to recalibrate and operate. 


At Solve n+1, we are committed to serve our beneficiaries and help our partners and do good and do better. We recognise the complexities of these global and social issues and we want to journey together with you. 


Our consultations are the first stop to your future endeavours. We will co-create with you by taking on your problems and creating a unique action-plan just for you.


How We Will Help


If you are an individual, and you are:

  • Finding significance in your journey

  • Making professional adjustments/discovery

  • Looking to give back meaningfully (Philanthropy, volunteering etc.)

  • Planning to start your own business/project


We will guide and curate a Customized Plan for you to realign and start your journey with a fresh perspective.


If you are part of a business/start-up/corporate/enterprise and your team needs to:

  • Experiment new business ideas

  • Assess the scalability of your project

  • Explore a business lateral move/expansion


We will research and accelerate your idea to explore a Proof-Of-Concept for your business. 

What You Can Expect From Our Consultations


  • A Summary of Key Insights from the Consultation 

  • Idea Validity Assessment

  • Critical Enablers for Success

  • Practical Next Steps to Follow-through

We operate on a pay-it-forward system. If you believe that the time spent has been valuable for you, we would like to encourage you to pay-it-forward to someone else.