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Uncovering 30 stories in 30 days


If Singapore was like a big rug, what would we find beneath?

BTR is a compilation of short stories of tensions and dilemmas faced by practitioners in the impact and social sector. These stories are supplemented with guiding questions to allow readers to facilitate discussions with their peers.

Most are familiar with the idyllic version of Singapore - the  pristine landmarks, international accolades, and the wonderful food, but that is not all there is to this city. Beneath the splendour of the lion city, are the lived experiences of social workers and vulnerable communities that are often swept out of view and hidden under the proverbial rug

What would we actually see, if we lifted the rug and peered under it? This book is our attempt to do just that. Beneath the Rug brings you through 30 stories in 30 days. 

You will hear from social workers, Special Education teachers, youth workers, counsellors, residential care workers, policymakers, a person with disability, and others. 

As you listen, you will realise that every story has a conflict, every conflict has a context, and every context reveals a conundrum. It is our sincere hope that as the stories in this book reveal what lies beneath the rug, it will also nudge all of us towards greater understanding, deeper reflection, and more meaningful engagement with our communities.

Aims of Beneath the Rug:

We hope this resource will inspire more people to join the social service sector and become change-makers in our community.

We hope to spark more meaningful volunteerism. Good intentions are necessary but often insufficient. Some of these stories will illustrate how, sometimes, well-meaning actions unleash a string of unintended consequences. 

We hope that this book can pave the way for better corporate engagement. Through these stories, we hope to challenge corporations to step up and lead the way in best practices in the social sector, as they ask themselves: How can we redefine and reimagine corporate social responsibility?

We hope to see the birth of more social enterprises that will engage the ground in creative and relevant ways.

It has been our immense honour to listen to each storyteller as we put this book together. We invite you to come alongside us in learning to listen, understand and serve our communities more effectively. 

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