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“It takes a village to raise a child” - no matter how old we are, we remain children of ‘the village’; the community that raised us and supported us, helping to shape how we see the world. However, community has a much larger role than simply rallying around youth and children. This principle is one that can be expanded to all people in crisis. The entire journey from being in crisis to overcoming, healing and reaching a place where they can successfully reintegrate and contribute to society is a long, arduous one. Which is why individuals in crisis need a network of support behind them. They need community.   



Collaboration enabled by technology could enable us to respond to needs in our communities with greater agility. Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

We are building a cross-neighbourhood platform that will enable communities to be more engaged in the needs around them. The platform will enable people to share resources and knowledge, and facilitate peer-to-peer emotional support. While starting with an initial focus on helping youth at-risk, the vision is to expand to help the many different kinds of people in crisis - from the homeless to abuse victims - we have begun building a national nervous system of care. This system will allow everyone to contribute according their capacities and resources. Some may open their homes, others may offer resources, contacts, giving of knowledge or experience. This will be a space where entire communities can come together to empower people in crisis to overcome.   

Currently, the needs in our communities might be easily missed by most. Only small groups of people are actively involved in helping. This small group is unable to meet the ever growing needs they face and as a result, many needs fall through the cracks. Our society will benefit from more people being involved at various levels of giving. We believe that the community at large has the capacity and agility to offer more, standing in the gap for the displaced and disadvantaged.   

“Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened   

through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause”   

- Elder M. Russel Ballard.   


We will start by facilitating resource sharing across Family Service Centres (FSCs) in different regions. This has begun with bringing together a network of families with FSCs to help youth at-risk, developing clear rules of engagement and building up a repository of case studies. At a later stage, this network can be brought onto various technological platforms for greater ease of communication, resource sharing, knowledge management across NGOs and communities, bringing together the ‘village’ that will help  people in need.   


We will need $30,000 to establish this platform. At this stage, initial ideas include developing an app or website for supporting these functions. As we progress through the concept development, prototyping, developing the proof of concept, it will become clearer what the appropriate platform will be. We invite you to partner with us financially to help us move towards a more compassionate, empathetic and inclusive Singapore, reinvigorating the ‘kampung spirit’ our nation’s roots are intertwined with. This large scale project is the third part of the Bezer Initiative, tying it all together. Help us create communities that can be safe havens for people in crisis; where no one gets overlooked and no one gets left behind. 

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Current Page

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