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Question: How do we address Homelessness in Singapore?

"We don't need more shelters, we need more homes."

The issue of homelessness is a prevailing yet well-hidden problem in Singapore. It goes beyond the physical need of having a roof over one's head to the compromising safety and well-being of the individual. 

3 main categories of homelessness include:

1. People who sleep in public spaces due to a lack of permanent housing and accommodation

2. People who reside in shelters and hostels due to housing eviction, etc. 

3. People who live in overcrowded houses, who face family violence, or lack social support.


If untaken care of, the issue of homelessness could hinder an individuals' sense of identity, security and belonging, impairing their physical and mental health.

Our Hypothesis

When the community comes together to support someone in crisis, we are able to provide and care for those in need in a more holistic and sustainable manner. 

Our Methodology

To build a network of care and support around such Persons-in-crisis (PICs). We envisioned a re-energized ‘kampung spirit’ - neighbourliness in action, where resources get pooled together to help the needy in an organic manner. To do so, we came up with a framework consisting of host families, community representatives, case managers, social workers and our beneficiaries - the PICs. We created an Open Home Toolkit to equip host families to better engage and care for themselves during their time hosting. We then called for host families to open up their homes and matched them according to the needs of our PIC referrals. Follow-ups and regular check-ins were conducted to ensure the well-being of both host family and PIC. 


Latest updates

Since the launch of our project in June 2020, we have successfully hosted 6 PICs. While the concept of hosting a stranger in your home remains a foreign concept in Singapore's culture, we believe more advocacy and time would be needed to shift mindsets in the way we see hospitality. We have conducted a review of our work in OHN from Apr to Aug 2020. You may download our report here.

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We hope that you will join us in working towards building our communities from the ground up. Each of us can make a difference.


Reinvigorate the ‘kampong spirit’ of old and help us move towards a more compassionate, caring and stronger Singapore.

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