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About Us

What is Solve n+1 and what do you do? 

Solve n+1 is a Community-Based Management Consultancy (CBMC), specialising in research, ideation, project management, and corporate governance. We believe in changing the world by serving businesses, governments, and NGOs through strategic multi-sector collaborations. Solve has been in community building since 2018. As a young start-up, we began by serving the vulnerable communities, mostly within S.E.A and Central Asia region. Today, we serve various businesses, government and non-government agencies, supporting them on their community-building endeavours. We are also recognised as a Business for Good and a Social Enterprise Member of raiSE.


As our name Solve n+1 suggests, we solve unknowns one step at a time in bid to tackle social issues that often go unseen. 

Is Solve n+1 a charity? 

No, Solve n+1 is recognised as a Business for Good and a Social Enterprise Member of raiSE. Our objective is not to make profits but to first extend support and develop communities in need. Some of our “clients” are therefore also our partners - people with a shared burden for the projects identified by Solve n+1. 


How it works

  1. Solve n+1 identifies a gap, blind spot or situation that is affecting a community that needs to be addressed, and develops an actionable plan to address the issue identified. The actionable plan and the expected costs of implementation will be set out in a project factsheet developed by Solve n+1.

  2. Once the project is completed, Solve n+1 will provide you with a full report on what had been done and an impact assessment (if relevant and appropriate) on the project. A breakdown of the cost of the project will also be provided.

  3. If Individuals or Corporates wish to support a project, they can commission Solve n+1 to carry it out through our POC service.

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