Solve n+1 is a 100% for-impact organization birthed to represent and strengthen communities. We strive to be an enabler of systemic change by taking on challenging problems and leveraging the multi-disciplinary expertise and resources of our partners and networks. 

Many of the issues we encounter today are unique and multifaceted. They require far more thought, design, and collaboration, not just for sustainability but deliberate efforts to ensure posterity and impact. 

One early leader that demonstrated an understanding of the need to address societal issues with a multi-layered approach was a man called Nehemiah. In the 5th Century B.C., Nehemiah, under the permission of the Babylonian empire, undertook the work of rebuilding the ancient city Jerusalem. Beyond physical infrastructure, Nehemiah weaved the fabric of the community by reinstating laws, social justice systems, education, community leadership, economic development, and spirituality. 

Inspired by Nehemiah, Solve n+1 seeks to look at problems differently. Solve n+1 partners those serving local communities and seeks to solve the greater issues at hand. “n+1” symbolizes how we approach the unknown one step at a time. The goal: building resilient and thriving communities through micro-initiatives.  

We believe that there is a need to

address societal issues with a multi-layered approach. 


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